Groupie: by Susan Daugherty

Groupie: by Susan Daugherty

Saturday, September 2, 2017


I remember thinking when I entered my debut novel in this award competition that it was just a shot in the dark. I knew thousands of entries from all over the world would be serious competition. The dream of going to Miami and walking on stage at the Awards Gala entered my mind briefly, but I didn't take myself too seriously. There are so many amazing books out there... but I had to believe that Groupie had a decent chance since I had three rave reviews from Readers' Favorite.

Winning the Silver Medal for Chick Lit is honestly still sinking in! I am over the moon and so grateful. Authors love to have validation that the labor of love they worked so hard on and put out for the world to consume has found its place. What an honor that I will always cherish and thank you so much to Readers' Favorite. I can't wait to make a dream come true in Miami, y'all!

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